Hello and thanks for your continued interest in Boulder City Paws ‘n’ Claws. If you are visiting us to read our response to the Boulder City Review's July 14th, 2016 article, please click here.

Following the Boulder City Animal Shelter’s decision to have the shelter animals spayed/neutered and microchipped subsidized at a Las Vegas clinic rather than through the 501c3 organization we created for this purpose, there are no longer shelter animals in need of our support. Again, you'll find more information about the sequence of events in our response to the Boulder City Review's July 14th, 2016 article here.

In light of the removal of the charitable purpose for which we were formed, our Board of Directors requested and received permission from the Nevada Secretary of State to dissolve our nonprofit organization and will notify the IRS of our 501c3's termination within the filing of our annual return, per their instructions.

Our sponsors have been wonderfully supportive throughout our organization (and now, our dissolution) and we are eternally grateful for the donations they so generously contributed to our programs, refunds for which have been issued in full.

Because we have over 2,400 Facebook fans, we had intended to maintain our Facebook page to help spread the word about lost and found pets in Boulder City, but as the Boulder City Animal Shelter staff is unwilling to share information about lost/found pets on our page to further that effort, we have taken it down so our community has no confusion as to where to post.

Boulder City Paws 'n' Claws continues to believe that reuniting lost pets with their families should be the top priority, so encourages everyone to post all lost/found pet notices on the Facebook page administered by animal shelter staff by clicking here. Thank you!